Day Five


Oh my gosh, dinner was amazeballs tonight.  Seriously delicious.  I found this recipe on pinterest, and can’t wait to make it again and again!  It will definitely be a staple in our house. The only changes I made were switching out kale for spinach and adding a bit more coconut milk during the cooking process. It had so much flavor and it was VERY filling.  Two hours later and I am still stuffed.  And it wasn’t that hard to make.  Just perfect.

Overall, I had a good day today.  We went to the movies and I had oreos.  Yes, they are vegan folks.  I probably should have never found that out but now that I do I’m sort of glad.  The movies is just a place you are supposed to be bad.  I also had a diet coke but I will NOT be doing that again.  I haven’t had one in awhile, but in some of the videos I had watched on Netflix they talked about the dangers of diet sodas.  I noticed pressure in my head after drinking it, sort of like a tightness in my forehead, and realized I used to feel that all the time when I was a diet soda drinker regularly.  So, not again.  I definitely didn’t miss that feeling.

After the movies I went grocery shopping for my weekly list- spent $66 which isn’t that bad if I do say so myself, especially considering healthy food is supposed to be so much more expensive.  I bought a lot of the bulk items at Sprouts, such as dispensing out my own spices and flours, and because of that my bill was a lot cheaper because I only paid for what I needed.  I will definitely make that a habit in the future.

My menu today was as follows:

Breakfast- cereal with coconut milk and banana

Lunch- Rice and Beans

Snack- oreos (6 pack, 270 calories) and diet soda

Dinner- Indian Masala

Dessert- Harvest Breakfast Cookies.

The cookies were such a treat and SO healthy! No sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no egg.  Just naturally sweet from fruit.  I made a large batch so we will be eating off of these little goodies all week.

Well, calling it a night!  xoxo


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